Medical Database Workshop

This team works together and independently to create relevant and up to-date medical information. The aim is to make a disease database which intends to be informative and educative for patients and healthcare workers. You can write a review from a research article, results from a newly released trial, or write about a specific disease or syndrome of your interest or relevance in your area. It can be pretty much anything within the medical field. This group works closely with the translation workshop group to translate articles from Kurdish to English and vice versa. Finally, the articles will be published on our
website, Facebook and Instagram! No deadlines as many are students or working. Work at your own pace, and submit the article via email or slack app.
Contact Dilava Bingöl to join!
Examples of previous medical articles: under “Medical Database”.
Looking forward to our collaboration.

Newsletter Workshop

The Kemsa Newsletter informs and creates interest on the different projects and works of Kemsa. It is also a platform for the members to express their interest and enthusiasm for their interests. The newsletter will be of a different theme every time it is published, so it is up to you, what our next theme would be. That is why you should comment and give us your thoughts each time. Because it is you that would be
the better judge of good content. The Newsletter has been released for the second time in English, if you wish to have in Kurdish - do please tell us. We work closely with the Translation team to translate as much as we can. And if you also happen to want to write an article in Kurdish
- we would love to have it in our newsletter! We work closely to melt the boundaries between the Kurdish students no matter where they are in the world. In this way, there will be more benefit of the knowledge we share among us.
 In order to join us, you only need to send Bano Aras
a confirmation mail.

Translation Workshop

Led by Simko Sama, this workshop gives KEMSA the opportunity to reach out for more people in Kurdistan (announcements, posts or medical articles). All educational projects (written or filmed) are in need to be in languages that can be understandable. All materials Kemsa make will be written in both English and Kurdish, to ensure that wherever you live, you would be able to understand our work. Whether you translate from English to Kurdish or the opposite, you are very needed. It is also very good for the members to get in touch with one of the two languages in order to use it more fluently. For those of us that want to learn Kurdish better, it further strengthens the use of the Kurdish language in our society.
By clicking on Simko's name, you can get in contact and ask all you want of questions!

Health Video Workshop

Most of the diseases can be prevented before they develop in the first place. Intervention before manifestation of disease is called primary prevention and is the most effective method against preventable diseases.The human brain can process information better trough visual associations, hence learning with videos is preferable for studying. By combining these two phenomenas, we came to the conclusion that we can really make a change by making videos about health that are educative and useful. This workshop is very similar to the Medical database workshop, however as mentioned, the videos are engaging both theoretically and practically. It is also much more fun for both the ones working on it, and also for the ones watching it. Another important aspect as to why we started with the videos, are the vast majority of viewers. Some viewers might not be able to read or hear. The videos are an excellent choice as they may be much more simple to follow and understand. All videos will be published both in English and Kurdish. Currently, we are also trying to make all the Kurdish videos in both Kurmancî and Soranî for all viewers out there! The videos made will be uploaded on the website of KEMSA and KEMSA's youtube channel. You can check out previous videos by clicking on the marked letters.
If you want to participate in this group, feel free to contact Serdest Demir.

Translation Workshop

Humanitarian help is always needed, and is one of the prioritized projects of KEMSA. The humanitarian aid workshop group will be focusing on short-term projects taking place both in Kurdistan and in Europe. One of our main goals is to reach the people in need during critical situations where we could aid with basic needs, medications, first line medical attention etc. Our work shop group will try its hardest to reach the ones in need of help as Kemsa has always done in its previous aid projects. KEMSA has had humanitarian aid projects in Bakur, Rojava and Bashur. To read more about them, you can click here. One of the aid projects in 2016, also have a blog on both our webpage and our youtube channel. Through these mediums, the participants of the aid projects have had the possibility of expressing thoughts and experiences in the projects. The Aid Projects are voluntary, and usually starts with an idea from a Kemsa member. It will then be put up for discussion to make sure all aspects of the projects are covered. A team of interested Kemsa members are then gathered and the project is ready to go. What remains to say is...

Are you interested in helping others in need? Are you ready for different types of challenges? If the answer is yes, then join the group by sending an email to Dilava Bingöl.