Newrôz Event 2017

KEMSA Newrôz celebrations
17-19th march 2017

Odense, Denmark


During the weekend before the official Newroz Date, KEMSA came together and celebrated Newrôz for the 5th time. The annual tradition has grown to be one of the greatest highlights of a full “KEMSA year”. The first newroz celebrations were held in Budapest, Hungary and since then we’ve managed to keep it a tradition to meet in different cities across Europe to celebrate Newrôz together.

This year KEMSA Denmark were the hosts and the celebrations took place in the charming student-friendly city of Odense.
The event started with a kick-off dinner at a restaurant in the heart of Odense, where “old” KEMSA members could get reunited and new ones could meet and greet with other KEMSA members. It was a very longed-for, successful evening which ended with an anticipated mood for the upcoming two days.


Saturday started during brunch-time with an annual meeting, held at the campus of the medical university in Odense. There was a short introduction-round where everyone could formally introduce themselves and say a couple of words about what KEMSA meant for them. The day continued with a brief presentation about the history of KEMSA (held by former president Aram Azizi) as well an overview about how the KEMSA organization is build, including different board members and local KEMSA organizations.
Later on the different projects that some KEMSA members are currently working on where presented and there was also opportunity for signing up for the different projects if anyone were interested (See Projects/Campaigns for more information about the projects or contact us). The annual meeting ended with a discussion with the goal of inviting everyone’s opinions, thoughts on improvement and space for constructive criticism – we always thrive to work better.


The official Newrôz celebrations were held in the evening at a lovely and spacious venue in the center of Odense. There was a mixed culture setting with KEMSA members, fellow local Danish students and friends, non-Kurdish KEMSA supporters and others. Many wore traditional Kurdish clothes and, of course, Kurdish music was playing loudly from the speakers as halparke took place on the dancefloor. During the evening KEMSA Denmark and others arranged a Kurdish buffet with typical food as biryani, a short Kurdish movie playing on a big screen, performances with live music and storytelling, as well as teaching and inviting non-Kurdish participants to the traditional energetic halparke dance.
The evening collectively raised approximately 1500 Euro for charity – which will go shorthanded to the Bakur Project 2017, in which refugee camps will be visited and aided (See Projects/Campaigns for more information). KEMSA are truly proud and thankful for all the help, donations and considerations. For those who’d like to see what happens to the money, there will be future documentation of the medical aid trip to Bakur, which takes place in august 2017.


The last day of the Newrôz weekend started with a big brunch where everyone met and talked about yesterdays festivities, as well as retelling memories from the weekend.
The last day is always the saddest day as everyone starts their departure back to their respective countries, and you can really tell that the annual newroz weekend has come to an end. However, the Newrôz celebrations 2017 were successful as always and the anticipation and planning for next year celebrations is starting soon! We are already looking forward to it.
A little hint in the planning for next year: the location will be in a city in Sweden...


Author: Midia Mohammed-Amin (KEMSA Secretary)


KEMSA Newroz 2017
KEMSA Newroz 2017
KEMSA Newroz 2017
Newroz 2017
KEMSA Newroz 2017
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Welcome speech and introduction round