KEMSA Trip to Bakur

KEMSA visit in Amed


The international board members of KEMSA visited the city of Amed, northern Kurdistan during the 12th-15th of May. They had the opportunity to meet with Kurdish medical students of the Dicle University. The board members held a seminar providing information about the Kurdish European Medical Student Association, as well as described the aims and goals of KEMSA to the Kurdish medical students in Amed. After the seminar, KEMSA board members were given a tour around Dicle University and the Dicle University hospital.





KEMSA Trip to Bakur
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VI. Mesopotamian Medical Congress

The VI. Mesopotamian Medical Congress took place from 15th-17th of May, at the University in the city of Merdin, northern Kurdistan. It was a great opportunity for gathering of various Medical organizations, physicians and students within the medical field. Additionally, rewarding seminars and lectures within the medical field were held, the majority of them being presented in the Kurdish language. KEMSA International Board members participated in the congress and held a stand at the university, providing information about the association.


The aim of the KEMSA trip to Bakur was to build bridges between Kurdish medical students in Europe and Kurdish medical students in Kurdistan, to strengthen a cooperation and to create a network platform for everyone involved in the medical field despite geographical distances.