Newrôz Event 2018

KEMSA Newrôz celebrations
16-18th March 2018

KEMSA Newroz 2018

At last year's KEMSA Newrôz event in Odense (Denmark), it was decided that KEMSA Newrôz 2018 would be in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This year, the event was planned with the help of kemsa members in Gothenburg, as well as the KEMSA board. A total of 36 members signed up for the event, excluding the members already living in Sweden who came by. The members coming to the event this year were from


  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland
  • Hungary


The weekend was divided into three days with different activities. Since some members arrived at different times, there was a schedule sent out via mail to members registered for the event so they would be aware of the whereabouts of the event at any times.

Friday: Common dinner and Halabja memorial.

Saturday: Annual meeting with workshops and Newrôz party.

Sunday: Common breakfast for those that stayed on Sunday.


A common hotel was booked for all the members coming from outside Sweden. The hotel was chosen out of strategical reasons, as it was very close to the hall of the Newrôz event. The hall for the event was Radar 72, and here - both the annual meeting, dinners and the Newrôz party was held.

To this year´s annual meeting, the members from Gothenburg suggested to hold medical workshops. This is why, we asked some of our medical students to come forwards with topics they would want to teach at a workshop. Four members came up with ideas for a workshop, and we had a mixed group of students and doctors for the workshops. The ones responsible for the workshop were also a mix of students and doctors. The following workshops were held:

  • ECG introductory course by Helan Hussein Musa
  • BLS and ALS course by Dilava Bingöl
  • Psychiatry and mental health by Dr. Reband Ahmed
  • A seminar about clinical research and its importance by Dr. Deman Najar.


KEMSA Newroz 2018
KEMSA Newroz 2018
KEMSA Newroz 2018


An array of projects were also presented at the event. Both old projects and new projects were shown to the members present. Usually at every Newrôz events, KEMSA goes through the projects made until the current Newrôz. The projects made last year were of the following;

  • KEMSA Humanitarian Aid Bakur
  • KEMSA Conference Bashur
  • KEMSA Exchange Bashur

Also running projects were presented during the event, such as;

  • KEMSA Newsletter
  • KEMSA Medical database


The new projects for the coming period were also introduced, and KEMSA is honoured to collaborate with Mr. Ehsan Hussein Musa and DOCD in Domiz/Bashur. Mr. Ehsan is an artchitect who also is a member for another humanitarian organization in Bashur, called DOCD. He would work on building for the refugees, and gave the opportunity for KEMSA members to join him there. The members are free to go with him to make charity projects, or form a clinic for patients at this refugee camp. The opportunity is a good one, as everything is well planned and all you need to do, is to contact Mr. Ehsan by mail to receive updates and further plans.

We in KEMSA, were happy to spend a weekend with these amazing members. The weekend started heavy as the memorial for the Halabja genocide came upon us, but it was very meaningful for us to have each other for support and remembrance during these harsh times. It was good to be able to be sad and happy together. It was important to remember that only when we are together, we can be strong and prevent unfortunate events from happening. Every year, the KEMSA family is growing, and we look forwards to new and enthuasiatic members from all over Europe. We would have loved for all members (no matter where) to have been able to join us – but we will patiently wait for you till KEMSA Newrôz Berlin 2019.

Thank you for this wonderful time!

KEMSA Newroz 2018
KEMSA Newroz 2018
KEMSA Newroz 2018