Internship Report - Medical Exchange Program

Kejan Saeed Ismael

As a medical student in Poland it is requested that every student spends one month as an apprentice at a hospital during the year. The reason for this is to gain more practical experience and get use of the theory one has studied the past year. As me and my family spend every summer in Kurdistan, I thought it would be a good idea to do my apprenticeship there and get to experience the health care system in my home city, that may be my work place and home in the future. That is why I took the opportunity when I found out that KEMSA has an exchange program with the University of Slemanî, to try to connect medical students from Kurdistan and Europe. I contacted Dr. Lalo for help, and he placed me to Slemanî Teaching Hospital for my apprenticeship, also called “xastaxaney ferkary” in Kurdish. For each day it was decided that I would follow a doctor or nurse to get the best possible experience. Most of the days I was with Dr. Rezan, who showed me many emergency cases. I got to see how they treated patients with snake and scorpion bites, car accidents, shooting accidents and a lot more! I also got to learn how to put on a cannula and do muscular injections, which are a necessity for a future doctor to know. I liked that I got to see cases there that I probably would not have seen here in Europe. Personally I think medicine is more a practical than theoretical subject, and so I enjoyed these tasks. At the same time I met many new people who do their best to take care of the patients no matter who the patient is. All in all I hope KEMSA can keep on doing this project and improve it for the future so that the students can experience more hospitals and also exchange to other cities in Kurdistan, as I believe there is a lot to learn from our Kurdish doctors and use it as a resource for the future.

I would really recommend this, and thank KEMSA for such a great project!