KEMSA Medical Student Exchange Program

Exchange Program

A project founded by the newly founded subsidiary organization Kurdish European Medical Doctors Association (KEMDA) and in cooperation with the medical university of Suleimani.

The medical student exchange program is one of KEMSAs and KEMDAs most recent project which will take place from july - december 2016.
The main goal of this project is to promote practical medical experience and working opportunity in kurdistan, as well as to create a useful link for medical students in Europe and Kurdistan.
 The initiative was taken by Dr. Reband Ahmed (founder of KEMSA and KEMDA) and Dr. Lalo Norki (KEMSA superviser and KEMDA founder).

KEMSA members are thus offered a chance not only to gain clinical experience but also an oppertunity to get closer upon the kurdish healthcare systems and who knows, perhaps tie some career bonds there!

Some practical information:

  • Title of project: KEMSA medical student exchange program.
  • In cooperation with: School of Medicine - University of Sulaimani.
  • Aim: To promote the practical experience of medical students.
  • Place: Sulaimani, Kurdistan Autonomus Region.
  • Time of program: 10th of July 2016 - 31st of December 2016.
  • Duration of the exchange program: 4 weeks
  • Deadline for application: 10 of June 2016
  • Requirements: the applicant must at least have finished the 8th semester of medical school and is comfortable in practicing the english language (kurdish is of course also beneficial).

Interested members are welcomed to contact us. They will then be receiving an application form, "terms and regulations" as well as a contract. If you have any other questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate to contact us!


We hope to hear from you!

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