KEMSA Medical Aid 2015

KEMSA board members Dilava Bingöl and Evin Güven visited the Rojava Association in Amed, North Kurdistan.

They were informed that the highest need in Kobanê is for children's formula and diapers. The money that was used to purchase of these items were the money that were collected during the previous charity events held by KEMSA in Latvia and Czech Republic.

It was decided that this work should be directed to the children of Kobanê.

The result of KEMSA Rojava humanitarian aid:

  • 343 packages of Bebelac children's formula (250 g).
  • 145 packages of children's diapers in different sizes

The items were transported to a storage in the city of Pirsus (Suruc) close to the city of Kobane, in West Kurdistan. Once the storage was fully packed, the items were transported into Kobane. This was possible due to the work of Rojava Association. KEMSA is thankful for this cooperation.

KEMSA Medical Aid 2015
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