KEMSA Humanitarian Aid 2017

Northern Kurdistan, Bakur.  


During the last period of time, hundreds of thousands of people in Northern Kurdistan have been affected by the conflict between the Turkish state and the Kurdish people. Many people have been forced to leave their homes, and had their homes brought down to the ground. Another large amount of people have lost their employments or been imprisoned during this time. The situaiton is devastating in a lot of cases, with poor economy and a situation that is restricting the children of having a safe education. Humanitarian aid for these families is crucial, for support in their daily life and to give them motivation for the future.

3 members of KEMSA formed a humanitarian aid project group to provide aid to the families in need. The project group collected money donations in some months time. Thankfully with great assistance and private families who are willing to help, the project group managed to collect 4000 euros. The donations were utilized to provide humanitarian aid to the families in need of Northern Kurdistan.

Bakur Humanitarian Aid 2017
Bakur Humanitarian Aid 2017

Fact sheet:

  • KEMSA Humanitarian aid group: 3 KEMSA members
  • The project took place in: North Kurdistan; cities of Amed, Nisebin, Cizre and Silopi.
  • Date: 26th-28th of August 2017-10-02
  • Results:
    • Profound food aid to 90 families
    • School equipment for 150 children.
  • Budget: 4000 €.

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1. Amed: 26-27th of August

Before the start of the project, the group members got acquainted with local contacts in Amed who could make the project possible.

By the help of local contacts, the project group was able to povide humanitarian aid to the people who needed it the most.

School equipment to the children

  • The project group purchased note pads, pencils, coloring pencils, razors to 150 school aged children in Amed.
  • The materials were purchased from a shop specialized fo school equipment. The shop was newly run by people who earlier had worked as teachers before they lost their job due to the political situation.
  • Each child was also handed a personal tooth brush and tooth paste.

Food aid to families in need

  • Food packages to 50 families in Amed

Food packages consisting of;

    • 5 liters of cooking oil
    • 6 kg rice
    • 5 kg bulgur
    • 5 kg lentils
    • 5 kg pasta
    • 1 kg olives

Additionally: jam, milk, chocolate cookies.

The budget for the humanitarian aid in Amed was 2000 €.

Bakur Humanitarian Aid 2017
Bakur Humanitarian Aid 2017
Bakur Humanitarian Aid 2017

2.  Nisebin, Merdin

Before the start of the project, the group members got acquainted with local contacts in Nisebin who could make the project possible. These women were members of the organization „Dayiken Asiti“ which translates to „Mothers for Peace“. These women are mothers to children who have been abducted or imprisoned by the Turkish state. Since these women are acquaitned with famles in similiar situtations, they could assist us in finding the families who are in need of our help.


Because of shortage of time and risk of danger, the project group decided to provide food aid to 20 families in need, by visiting the wholesaler, and provide vouchers of 200 Turkish Lira for each famly to spend. 20 food vouchers worth 200 YTL each were purchased. These vouchers were then handed out to 20 families by the help of  the „Mothers for Peace“.

Bakur Humanitarian Aid 2017
Bakur Humanitarian Aid 2017

3. Cizir and Silopi

In the cities of Cizir and Silopi the same strategy as used in Nisebin as used in these cities. Food vouchers worth of 200 YTL were purchased for 10 families in Cizir, and 10 families in Silopi.

The vouchers were then handed out to families in need, by the help of local trustworthy people who are engaged in this kind of activity on regular basis.


During this project, we realized how many people are in great need of help in their daily life. But we also noticed how important it is to have people who always remember the people who are in need, ready to help them even if it would risk their own life.

We are greatly thankful to all people who supported us, and who gave us great private donations. This project would not have been possible without you.

Thank you.

KEMSA – Kurdish European Medical Student Association.

Bakur Humanitarian Aid 2017