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It’s every child’s right to be able to live without fear, to laugh and to dream big. The Help By Bracelet-project was one ways we tried to give the children of the refugee camps a chance to do just that.


In 2014 KEMSA decided to work together with a private individual who runs the project Help By Bracelet in an succesful task to raise money for the refugee children in Kurdistan. By creating and selling bracelets with different types of messages on them, we raised a significant amount of money that went to the refugee camps in the form of medicine and similar necessities.


The message ”Free Kurdistan” on the bracelets stands for your belief in peace, humanity and human rights.
The message ”Peshmerga” on the bracelets stands for your support to the kurdish defence forces that risk their lives to save our fellow lives.

KEMSA and HelpByBracelet are deeply thankful for all the purchases and donations.

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KEMSA Help by bracelet
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