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How to get enough sleep? How to get rid of early daily headache? How to wake up smoothly and happily without struggling with the daily alarm? How to stop getting dry eyes when waking up?


All are questions we already asked ourselves between now and then. The thing is how to deal with it. First of all, sleep durations differ from age to age, second sleeping problems occur according to the lifestyle we have.


For me as an adult I have all the mentioned conditions which I could somehow deal with it and I come up with it to you.


  1. Whatever stress you have in your life get it out of your bed!
  2. Mobile phone or computer, use them as much as you want but not in your bed!
  3. Fatty foods, chocolates are not preferable in our daily routine at all, but if you want to have some, have them at least two hours before sleep
  4. Tea or coffee, advisable to start your day with but not to end it with!
  5. Surroundings are very important, i.e. room's temperature, light, noise, bed materials.
    No matter how cold you are, do not turn on the heater in your room at bed time, getting into the bed will make you feel warm in minutes, because that mild drop in body temperature induces sleep.
    And vise versa do not open the window when it's -5 degrees outside, if you are really warm and sweating, the whole point is to have a balanced room - not so cold neither warm.
    Try to sleep in dark room or with a very little lighted lamp, if you are scared like me!
    Be away from noise, switch off the TV, close the window, especially if you live in the center and you have this lovely tramways close to you!
  6. Last tip is to keep a routine night hygiene for yourself, brush your teeth and go to toilet, don't be lazy! Change your hard day clothes into a soft, light pyjama and sleep on a comfortable mattress and with pillows*. The one you have for years may have exceeded its life expectancy (10 years Maximum)
    *if you have allergy wash your pillows, bed covers once a week and be away from allergens that may affect you!


Sleep well tonight : )


Maryam Azizi