KEMSA Membership fee

Why should I choose to become a paying member of KEMSA?


As a non-profit organization, we are dependent on our paying members to be able to continue with our work. As most of us are hardworking students and already have a very tight budget to live on, paying for activities, projects, and supplies for KEMSA is an economically difficult task.

As a paying member of KEMSA you will be supporting our regional KEMSA organizations, international projects, and our events provided for you. We will offer a discount on our yearly famous Newroz events, and discounts for selected events and selected KEMSA packages.


But most importantly, you will be a member with a voting right and a possibility to democratically run and get voted for a position in the executive board and/or the regional KEMSA board.

After paying the membership fee, we will provide you a certificate with your own personal membership number and length of validity. This certificate will be renewed and given to you after each year/semester, and could be used for your CV.

Membership fee options:

  • Students (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or other) : 24 € /year or 12 €/semester
  • Post-graduated members : 36 € /year

The amount should be given to your local representative or transferred to the KEMSA Paypal account.

The local representative for your KEMSA region and the Paypal account number will be given out to you when you sign up for a membership on our website


Benefits of being a member :

  • right of voting (e.g. the executive board)
  • running for elections
  • official certificate for being a member (usable for the CV)
  • discounts for international events and selected KEMSA packages

Membership fee options
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