The Work of KEMSA

Have you ever wondered about other Kurdish students in Europe? Did it ever strike you to see your culture through young kurdish minds growing up in Europe? Have you ever wanted to experience your culture in a different, but spectacular way?

Well then, Kemsa is here exactly for that reason!

The aim of KEMSA is to make a network for Kurdish medical students in Europe. However today, we are gaining more and more non-medical students who help us out with a lot of administrative work in the organization, as well as adding a new twist to our community.

The work of KEMSA

Structure of KEMSA

KEMSA is made up of three main groups

  1. Executive board
  2. International board
  3. The members

The executive board consists of 7 positions which are in control of the organization's development and decision making. The five positions consist of: President, Vice President, IT-manager, Treasurer, Project manager, PR-manager and the secretary.

The international board consist of representatives (presidents) from each KEMSA branches, and dicuss matters at local levels concerning projects done locally or member issues.

The members are the foundation of the organization and the leading force in the development of this organization. The members help out in different projects, technical issues and also by recruiting new KEMSA members.

The Work of KEMSA

The Work of KEMSA

The organisation is not aiming at only establishing a network, but has also humanistic goals - especially concerning Kurdistan.

The organization raises charity every year through Newroz events, concerts or selling handmade products. These can be done either at a local level or international level.

Whenever a charity fund is raised, the organization starts aid projects in the different parts of Kurdistan. A group of KEMSA members get together and travel to Kurdistan to deliver aid personally.

The organization has academical aspects where an educational group makes projects which they release on our blog and youtube channel.

The organization also offers clinical exchange in Kurdistan for the medical students in Europe.

KEMSA Medical Aid Team - Bashur Projects and Campaigns
KEMSA Bashur 2016
KEMSA Newroz Riga
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Social Media

The organization tries to reach out as much as possible in order for you to find us. Currently we have


Facebook page

We have two facebook pages - one official and one open only for the members. Here, we will give updates about recent changes in internal structure, upcoming events, projects and much more.



Where you can find information about the organization, blogs, project reviews and more. The blogs span a wide range of topics, and are written by KEMSA members. The blogs are written in English, and then translated to the different Kurdish accents such as Soranî or Kurmancî.


Snapchat account

The snapchat account was made last year in May and have made members from all over Europe see what KEMSA is up to. The account is ordered by certain members when they have events and help them show the rest of the members what they are up to.


Instagram account

This was another way to reach out to new members. Currently our instagram has over 200 following members. It is updated often with various different topics.


Youtube channel

Our youtube channel has a carefully selected amount of videos in order to give you a deeper look at the work we do. One of the projects the youtube channel features is the Bashur aid project in 2016, which were made like a series of vlogs following the members in their 10-day trip.  Otherwise, it features the academical aspects of our organization's work - the educational group uses it to release their videos.


The organization had annual meetings where important topics regarding the internal structure is dicussed. The annual meetings are done in different cities in Europe according to which country deciding to host. They span a weekend, where members get to meet up and have both a social and academical benefit. Brilliant ideas and creativity is poured into these meetings which ends up being the foundation for new projects or further developing the organization towards a brighter future.

The annual meetings differ. The main annual meeting is during the Newroz weekend where important decisions are made, such as elections of the new executive board. Regular annual meetings apart from the Newroz event are used for discussions on certain matters coming up throughout the year, or reviews of the projects accomplished. Regular annual meetings are just as important as the main annual meetings.

Both the international and executive board have several skype meetings throughout the year where they dicuss the new rules and on going project updates. In this way, the members will be closer to descisions they made through annual meetings, or get updated about new rules or changes in internal structure etc.

Do you want to meet us?

If your are interested in hearing more about us or arrange a KEMSA event in your local area to get to know the organization better or become a part of the organization, feel free to contact us. We would love to help you out as much as possible and have you become a part of the family.


Kind regards,


KEMSA Vice-President