Let's go! - Day 0

And so it begins...


Right now, I am sitting in my room. In 2 hours, I will take the train to the airport. I still can´t imagine that after all this planning - we really are going. Somehow it feels unreal. Things have been really hectic, but still, I guess I haven´t realised that I am leaving yet.


I have packed so much with me. I hope the refugees will be happy and make use for all of the things we bring them. And not to mention how much others outside the Kemsa Bashur group have contributed. I feel like we are almost taking everyone with us!


I will be traveling with the group from the Bashur trip. I am very excited. I have been working with these people for the past months. I never thought that I will take on such a huge responsibility. To be honest, I did´t really think it through when I signed up for this. Silly me, I have never been good with confronting my responsibilities. But I learned soon how much this meant to me and how much the group did. Today I am so happy we are travelling together like this. The others are amazing. During this short time, each and one has been working so hard to collect donations and get sponsorships. And also, it was a struggle trying to fit it in our schedule, make a schedule, plan transport and stay all together during those few days we will spend in Kurdistan. But the sun is shining (or burning, in the case of Kurdistan) and it will light our way through this trip. The beautiful sun rays will give us energy and motivation to work as hard as we can during this trip.


By the way, I have to adress something; It makes me happy that we got help from so many people during these past months. Some of them don´t even know who we are, and still trusted us. They trust that we give the refugees all the help we really promised. And we will not disappoint - we will try our hardest to keep our promise!

KEMSA Blog Let's Go

Cloth-diapers sponsored by Gåsungen Tøybleier (Norway)

KEMSA Blog Let's Go

Lice shampoos sponsored by Omega Pharma (Sweden)

KEMSA Blog Let's Go

Toothbrushes for kids sponsored (Germany)

KEMSA Blog Let's Go

Children books donated from APEC tryck och förlag AB (Sweden)

Thanks also for the donations from the concert in Frankfurt and all other good souls that joined in on the donations for the people in need.


Love, Bano


PS: Follow us and our adventures in Kurdistan through our kemsa snapchat: kemsa-kurdistan.