Day 7 - To Each Our Own

Personally, I left this day for my family. But I still joined the girls during the day to take them to my favourite place of all - Qaisery/Caesar Bazar in Suli. This Bazar exist everywhere in the country, they also have one in Hewler. It is tradition to have a bazar like this. I think it is the oldest way of shopping - and I love it!

I am amazed at how beautiful it is and how timeless the whole shopping experience is. This is not a place for buying brand products. This is a place where you go to find the best spices for your next cooking experience. Here, you can get local products from the country´s own productions - be it clothes, food etc.

KEMSA Blog Day 7

Later on, I went home with my cousin because we were going for Seyran/picnic in Chavi Land with the rest of the family. The other girls in the Bashur trip group, went back to Hewler/Erbil because Nisrin would have to go home early the next time. Honestly, I was very sad. Because from now on, I knew our days were numbered and that one by one, we would have to leave Kurdistan and return to reality. None of us wanted to leave back for the reality, but we all knew that if we wanted to help out, we needed to go back to reality and become a support to our people.


Goodbyes can be hard sometimes, but they are necessary. I didn´t shed a tear for every goodbye I had in this trip, and somehow I am happy. I think it is because I feel I will see these people again very soon.