Day 6 - A day to remember

This day was dedicated to the roadtrip from Suli towards the Kurdish-Iranian border. During this trip, I wanted to explore what happened to my country 16th of March 1988. I also wanted to see how my country is doing. I wanted to see the people, I wanted to see the cities, I wanted to touch history.We headed out early that morning after eating breakfast and getting all together in one place. We would have three stops on the way.


First stop - Halabja:

"It was a beautiful spring day. As the clock approached 11:00 in the morning, I felt a strange sensation; my heart convulsed as if it were telling me that we were on the verge of a major calamity. Within minutes, artillery rounds began to explode in Halabja and planes began dropping bombs on the town..."


This is an excerpt from one survivor of the attack, to read the rest, follow the link below.


Yes, 16th March 1988, a whole city was tortured by the hands of some humans who denied it for a long while. Words can´t describe it enough. Tragedy is too mild of a word to be used. I will always treasure the lives lost and hurt in that incidence. My people went through a lot, and they are still suffering. I look forwards to the day, that the world recognize the kurds and let us be with each other instead of being oppressed.


In Halabja we visited the Cemetery and also the museum. The guide working at the museum had himself been there during the attack that day. He had so many stories to tell and we listened to him feeling anger and sadness at the same time. Again, I felt hopeless. What has changed? Kurds are still killed and big massacres happen all the time. The killing and hate still continues. I can only hope that we can stop the hate and be able to be united as a people in the near future. Until then, I will shed my tears and sweat on helping my country stand in the face of the terrible times to come.

KEMSA Blog Day 6
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I will never forget how wrongfully my people were treated, I will never forget how patient and forgiving my people are. Peace, we are waiting for you - where are you?


Second stop - Ahmawa


Words can´t describe the beauty of the nature here. After crying and feeling down being in Halabja, it helped seeing the beauty in our country and meeting others. Seeing how people tried their best to live and spread smiles -made me regain hope. Life happens. We will go through harsh times and see the worst. Even my parents and their families have been refugees. But they still got up on their feet and tried to live. They tried to live for the next generation. They tried to make a better future. A future where the same mistakes wouldn´t be repeated. And I think it is our responsibility to keep this legacy going. I think we should help out each other like we always did. Kurds are really good at that, they have Sabr - patience. And that is what amazes me. Never have I seen people that are so patient and compassionate. I am proud to be a kurd, and I can´t express it enough!


Back to Ahmawa - It is known for its beautiful waterfall. Also, all the way up to the waterfall, people have built a staircase with small shops on each side. It is so creative and gives such a lovely feeling. I even had encounter with a beautiful horse. I really love animals, so for me, it was like seeing a celebrity. Either it being dogs, cats, horses or donkeys, my pupils dilate and a smile comes on my face. Animals are amazing because they make us feel a certain type of love - simple, but pure. I personally think animals can help humans grow out of hatred and walk into the path of love and forgiveness.


Third stop - Hawraman


My uncle told me that Hawraman is not a city, but it is a common name of many small villages at the Kurdish-Iranian border. In Hawraman, the nature again is super beautiful with its mountains, forests and rivers. They are also known for their restaurants where you sit basically on a bed and eat. The food and hospitality was amazing. Again, it has been ages since I saw kurdish hospitality, so for me everything is super good. But on the other side, we have to be thankful, right? We can´t take things for granted. Anyways, the Xala in the restaurant was so cute. He came often over asking us if we needed anything and even came over to talk to us when we got the food. And the way the food was presented was amazing.


KEMSA Blog Day 6
Miniature kurdish houses that show how the houses in Hawraman are built on the edge of the mountains.
KEMSA Blog Day 6
When my girls come over telling me "Hey, let´s take a selfie with those beautiful girls in beautiful kurdish clothes"