Day 11 - Kurdistan, don´t let me leave please!

I wish Kurdistan would hold me tightly and whisper in my ears the words "I won´t let you go". Does it sound absurd to you? Because it doesn´t to me. I really want to stay behind. But I can´t until I finish my studies and is of some use to my country. I will come back Kurdistan, I will take care of you and stand in the face of dangers with you...


The days started by eating our breakfast, packing our bags and saying our last goodbyes to Ranj and Naz. Then Evin´s relatives came to pick us up and help me buy a Saz before sending us off to the airport. Are they good or are they good? How can humans whom I just met for a couple of hours be so good to me? I mean, kurds have endless love. You should try to give the kurds a chance next time.


After them finding me a Saz and making sure it is the right one and making promises about us playing together in the future, we left for the airport. It was hard to leave and say goodbye. I felt somehow numb. It was weird. As if something in me said "this is not the end, I will be right back". I have never had such a feeling before. I guess it is a sign. I will take it as a sign. I will come back. I will see the beautiful souls of that country again. I will feed the dogs. I will pet the dogs. I will save the animals. I will work for my people. I will save my people from pain. I will save them from the war nightmares that haunt them. I will hug Kurdistan with my thin and short arms.