We are KEMSA

One late evening in November 2013, two medical students sit and ponder at the future of kurdish students in Europe. Should we all just be in each our own countries, doing our own business, minding our own thoughts and lives? No, it didn´t make sense to waste this precious time like this. That´s why a change was needed. Because they happened to be medical students, they came up with an idea of a network. A network which would gather these students together. A network that would be a support, - both academically and socialy.


With this in mind, the guys made a decision that evening. A decision that would soon change both their lives and many others to come. A firm decision to launch this project that could be the start of the most exciting adventure - gathering kurdish medical students in Europe!

And so KEMSA was made. The group grew quickly. And today, KEMSA has been going on since that evening in Novemeber 2013. The number of active members increase all the time. Even though it started as a project including only medical students, we are honored that other non-medical students also are involved. We are honored that the kurdish students in Europe have come together to find ways to stop the pains of their own people in Kurdistan.

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And you, yes, you out there - you are also welcome to join us anytime!