Childhood Nostalgia – Kurdish Rain Ceremony

I was visiting my relatives a couple days ago, and all of sudden I mentioned "Boka be barena". Even my older relative was shocked at what I mentioned and claimed that she had forgotten it, as it was something that is almost about to go extinct. Her statement made me so sad. Even though my years in Kurdistan as a child were limited, I still managed to remember it. That must mean that it made a huge impact on me. Why would it not?


After asking around, my Kurdish sources also laughed at me, telling me why I mentioned something so old fashioned. Something that had been disappearing more and more the past decades. Well, I would not like my beautiful and colourful memory of this kurdish tradition disappear. This is why I will record this down in history.

KEMSA Blog Miscellaneous - Childhood Nostalgia – Kurdish Rain Ceremony

The Kurdish rain ceremony is initiated by the kids in the neighbourhood. They usually find a doll, attach it to some sort of a tree-pole, and sing while waving it around the neighbourhood in hopes of rain embracing the dry ground. The old grandmothers that usually sit outside their homes in the neighbourhood, find some water which they would throw at the doll. This is the rain ceremony. Simple, but delightful and filled with the innocence melodies of the children singing to the doll in hopes of it making the clouds rain a little. Unfortunately,  "Boka Be Barena" is the first and only line I can remember of the song, as I was around 4 years of age at the time of my first rain ceremony.


This ceremony is an old kurdish tradition which has its roots deep in my beautiful culture. It is filled with impressive and amazing instances which makes me still think of it - even 20 years later.


Bano Imam Afange